21 February 2007

The meaning of life

It is time to start moving over from the adoption blog -- Waiting for Hari -- to something that is more generally about the family and my ramblings that are not centered on my Hari. A friend asked if I was still waiting for Hari or was Julia the answer to all the longings I had. I answered that when I thought it was time I would consider that question and come up with an answer. I am not sure if this new blog is the answer, but right now Julia is the center of our lives and we are moving to Madison, WI to become cheeseheads.

My position as SAHM includes most of the packing and organization of our move and settling in Madison. I am a bit overwhelmed -- I've been packing thinks that we don't use, sorting things we never use and putting lots of stuff in the trash. Still, needing inspiration, I joined FlyLady.com today and am busy scrubbing my sink and doing a round up of the house. I am also waiting for a realtor to come over and assess the house.

Staying at home has awaken the age old questions of the meaning and purpose of life. I must say that if I feel a lack of those things now, did I really put them totally in my job. The answer to that is a resounding "no." But what is it.

Ah, realtor is turning in the driveway. More later