22 May 2008

Graduation Day #1

The class of 2008 was piped in. Really, this group marched in playing pipes and drums and then played as 400+ students and lots of faculty marched in and took their seats.

Julia's comment about the pipers was: "Mommy, what that?" with a look that betrayed that she was not thrilled with the sounds filling her ears.

Then came the class each carrying a tiny pine tree and looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The tree made it through the day and through the trip home. It will find a home in our Madison garden.

After the students, came their teachers. Here is Cheshire's mentor, Professor Eugene Gallagher, caught by the dynamic photographer, Marcia.

Tavis Smiley urged the graduates to focus on issues of humanity, to contest injustice and to have the courage to lead.

"Today, we are sending you out into the world to be leaders - if we are ever going to live in a world that is as good as its promise, you are going to have to lead," Smiley said. "I hope whatever you do, you do it with passion, purpose and principle."

And a few minutes (make that many, many minutes) Inez Cheshire Schanker (they left out the Buchko) was announced and made her way across the stage.

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