03 May 2008


Saturday, saturday, saturday. We started last night with Julia sleeping in her bed for the first time since last August when I went to Bolivia to visit Cheshire and Jason. I put Julia to bed last night and I just said that we would read stories in her room. She took longer to settle down than usual, but she slept in her bed, and we slept alone in ours! Oh, how I loved the room. She is back in our bed tonight but we will get her back in hers little by little this summer.

The days started with swimming. Julia is still a polliwog, the beginning class. The class has 6 kids with two instructors. Julia monopolizes one for most of the time. Today, Allen, her instructor from last time, took the other kids and his assistant, a young woman, took Julia. Julia took the opportunity to establish the pecking order with Miss Julia on top. She did what she wanted to do and didn't do what she decided was not on her agenda. Towards the end of the lesson, Julia began speaking rudely to her instructor. And so, tough mommy had to put in her two cents! The young woman working with her was very sweet but I think the time has come for Julia to really learn about swimming. And so, I asked to make some rules, like not being rude and listening to what she is being told. If she can only attend to the instructors, she could really learn to swim pretty quickly.

After swimming, we went to find a sand box for our backyard. We went through Building Square and Walmart and unfortunately at Walmart Julia spied the Littlest Pet Shop Town that David had promised her as a reward for learn her letters. We got her away from the LPS Town with only a bit of trouble, but we could not look for the sandbox and we had such a challenge getting her to the car. Julia was so angry. She cried and yelled at us. It was miserable, but it was great to remember how long it has been since she behaved like this. She cried while David and I took turns looking for sandboxes at Toys R Us, and drove home. By the times we pulled into the driveway, she had calmed down and was saying that she wanted to snuggle on the couch with us.

We snuggled, watched a movie, napped, and regrouped for the afternoon. The girl is learning.

We went to an FCC pot luck in the late afternoon. It was a smaller gathering than the new year's party, and it was nice to really get to talk to a few of the people we had met before. Julia had a great time with the kids that were there. She played and followed around the big girls. Quite a few of those big girls were so sweet to her, and I think it made her feel very good.

All in all, not a bad day at all.

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