06 February 2008

Another Snow Day

Oh my but it is snowing. It started last evening, but didn't start to accumulate until much later during the night. We had a few inches – say 3 – by the morning and school was canceled. Then, it really started snowing! I blew snow three times today – the last just before 5 pm. At that time, there was so much snow on the driveway and the walks that it was almost too much for my dashing little Torro. When David got home, he blew some of the street to get into the driveway. It is now 8 pm and yes, it is still snowing.

We are all inside and going no where fast.

The place where they “never call off school” has had two, and possibly three, snow days in the last two weeks!

Julia and I stayed cozy and warm all day. Julia spent lots of time with her clay and her little people and animals, but we did some writing work and some money counting work. We made an underwater scene in a shoe box. I went outside to blow snow, and Julia stayed in watching movies and playing. I would check in with her and she responded each time I called to her. After my last blowing, we made corn soup and broccoli for super and broke into David's chocolate easter bunny, or as Julia calls it that “bunny chocolate.” The bunny chocolate tasted a bit like freezer burn but nothing like good chocolate.

I continue to struggle with the Bar in Wisconsin. I called the examiners on Monday to see if my file was complete. I was missing my employment verification from both courts and my criminal check. Indiana let me know the criminal check was mailed on the 1st of February, but when I wrote to the courts, Chicago told me that they had not received it. Indy, in the form of Ranger, did not respond. I could believe that Ranger misplaced the form, but not Chicago. So I have to ask by letter for the forms to be resent. Oh, I am still hoping for the end of February to be sworn in, but I might have to settle for March.

The job outlook is dismal. The few jobs I've applied for have not panned out. I called the agency in town that handles lawyers and spoke with a friendly woman. She asked if I would be willing to be a legal assistant, and then told me that because I had no firm experience as a lawyer, she couldn't even recommend applying for that kind of job. I was so surprised that I did not tell her that I worked support staff before I went to law school. But Hell!

So it is a tight market. If it wasn't that I really, really wanted to a great kitchen and a tile bath, plus real disposable money, maybe full time at home would be fine. I need reinvention; I need to figure out what, how, and then how to do it.


I took the dog for her last walk of the day (Julia insisted that Daddy put her to bed even though it was my night. Do you think she had plenty of Mommy today? So, I did clean up and dog duty.
The snow – more than a foot -- has stopped but not before it has caused lots of problems on the road – some cars and trucks stranded on I90 for the entire day and the governor just declared a state of emergency in our county. But walking, it is beautiful out there. The wind made snow dunes that bend and curve. And it is quiet – silent, soundless. The ears stretch to absorb some noise. The sky leans to almost light, snow reflections, and purple. The air cracks with cold. Tomorrow will come with tasks and demands, but tonight is perfect.

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