02 February 2008

Clay creations

Two of Julia's recent clay creations are inspired by the movies Happy Feet and Finding Nemo. The first is a dinosaur riding a sea scooter. She said it was like the fish on the road going to Sydney. In the movie, Nemo's dad, Marlin, took the current with a bunch of turtles to get to Sydney. The dino is traveling on the same underwater highway.

This is a penguin holding her baby. Julia makes and draws a lot of family groups. Mommies and babies, daddies and babies. Julia is also drawing dancers dancing together. She doesn't try to make them from clay.

In Happy Feet, the penguins tap dance. Julia was trying to do what the penguins do and she turned to us and said, "My feet don't work." No one but penguins and my high school friend, Jimmy Brennan, are born knowing how to tap dance. The rest of us learn and practice, practice, practice.
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Elaine said...

Those are imaginative and very cool sculptures. Talented girl you have there.

Traci said...

Her clay creations are always so impressive to me! Your girl has an eye. Me? Uh, no. Folding a piece of construction paper together to produce a home-made card is out of my league!

Good Job, Julia!