13 February 2012

Secret Friend Gifts

Julia received a sheet on which her secret friend answered questions of what she liked -- animals, activities, food, etc. Her favorite pet is a paraket and so Julia drew one and then together we framed it.
I wanted to give Julia the opportunity to drew as much as she could on the gift. We made an exploding box which gave her 12 little flaps that she could decorate. The outside box was decorated with the animals that her friend likes.
A toucan.
Another paraket.
A dog.
And a cat.
On the next box, she drew pictures of what her friend liked to do. Horseback riding.
On the inside box, Julia drew a picture of herself with flowers and ribbons for her friend.
And this is a picture of her friend, who in truth, looking nothing like this picture.
This is the box folded up and wrapped.
Julia also made the wrapping paper for the picture.
Ready to go to school.


Anonymous said...

This is so precious!

Traci said...

I love the drawings. My prayer is that they will be appreciated and enjoyed by the receiver. Great job, Julia! Great job, Momma'!!