23 January 2008

My own new year.

Today is my birthday and a good time to think about the coming year. I dropped Julia at school, went to the Y for a training session and some treadmill, and now I am going to read a bit and drink tea. I asked David for a really lovely leather bag that I fell in love with last week when I was shopping with Cheshire. I so rarely care about bags or clothes, so this was a rare find. I haven't used it yet but it is waiting for me to pick up and go. Perhaps for my interview tomorrow. My first in Madison. And for a temporary clerk position for an appellate judge.

Oh, I will read some today -- giving myself permission to enjoy the day. Later, I take Julia to speech therapy, and later still, I'll figure out some resolutions for the year. The two that I am sure of are:

1. Service. My motto of the year and what I want to be doing. So far, I am doing stuff for the PTO but I am sure there is more.

2. Workout. I am so fat! I need to exercise. Hence, the Y


Elaine said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day and your year are filled with wonders and adventure.

Traci said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday!!

Blessings on the year to come!

Traci & Family