09 January 2008

rather boring update

Has it been a week already? Cheshire is home and I have been having such a delightful time with her. We've done nothing much but spent time together and doing things neither of us really like, like shopping. We also have been watching lots of movies. Ah, the pleasures of an adult child. Cheshire has been taking it easy but moving steadily towards doing school work during some of her time home.

Julia is getting back into the swing of school. She was quite happy to go back on Monday but by today she was more inclined to stay home. This made her a bit grumpy about getting the day going and she was not pleased that the weather is turning cold again and there are more winter clothes to put on.

Ah, weather. For the last week – more than a week by a few days – it has gotten warmer and warmer, and snow has been melting and melting. The rather large pad of ice in the driveway that has been with us since our first snow, and at which I have been chopping as penance for letting it slide that first snowy morning. Anyway, it is gone!! And we can start again with the next snow.

And speaking of snow – we have had rain, rain, rain and intense fog for days. Today, we did have frost on the windshield so I think the next round of snow is on the way. And then I get to use my machine!

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