03 January 2008

This is a picture of Julia in front of a fallen triceretops at the Wisconsin State Museum. Julia is going to believe that every museum has dinosaurs. She loves the diaramas especially when they are life size. We visited on Christmas Eve and it was a great time to explore and it was a great time to explore a new place for the first time. I am sure we will be making a trip back, we didn't get to see all the exhibits or go to the planatarium show.

Happy New Year. We heard from Cheshire late last night. She was on American soil, albeit Hartford, CT, until today, but then she will be home until her last semester begins. Yahoo!!

Julia and I spent a very nice day together yesterday. After we finished breakfast this morning, Julia said we should "go make a list" for the day. She was much more willing to put walking the dog, and shoveling ice on the list. And she was much more willing to do the things we put down.

Julia is calling me Mom these days. She sounds like a much older kids when she says it.

She has been watching Sesame Street during the vacation with a lot more interest. And now there is a show after that is called Word World. The animals and some objects are made up of letters. She tries to sound out the letters when the characters do. I’d say we are making progress.

No, it has still not snowed and this weekend there is a prediction that it sill be in the high 40s. Can one woman’s purchase of a snow blower really control the weather? Or is this just the gods chucking for a little while? Whatever it is an ice chopping reprieve is welcomed. And if it doesn’t snow the rest of the winter – yea, right – I will not complain at all.
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