10 March 2008

Last week's art

After working with an easier photo program for a long time, I finally decided to switch over to photoshop. Now I am on a steep learning curve to figure out everything that was so easy with Picasa. Uploading pictures is one of those things.

These are two of Julia's latests clay works. She actually asked to have a picture taken of the second creation. Although we have had our second real clay class, and made a first project yesterday at the studio, she is still working with the Filo at home. There are rules to follow about real clay that you are going to fire and paint, and I don't want to stiffel her creativity while she get accustomed to the rules.

When we went to the studio yesterday, I thought Justin (the marvolous high school senior to has become her clay teacher) was going to have to teach me whatever he had planned and lure Julia in that way, but she was ready to do what he asked. They pounded some clay, rolled it out to the right thickness (using dowels as guides), cut out a big star and stamped Julia's name and a bunch of flowers and swirls on it. Now, it gets dried and then fired for the first time. We will get back to it in a few weeks to pain it. I hope that if we go through the process of making finished pieces a few times, Julia will get the idea and start making her figures to be fired and kept.

The picture above is of a witch with a baby animal. I love the detailed fingers and the nose, and also the size of the hat and its rakish angle.
This one is a spider carriage with an egg and a dinosaur on top.


Bobbi Jo said...

Oh my! That witch is amazing!!

Norah said...

Great clay sculptures!

sb said...

There is one work -- a little turtle climbing a tree -- that I never got a picture of. That and the witch are a newer look -- long with a few special details. I can't describe it! We watch in amazement as Julia finds her way with this work.