02 December 2011

Hi Deb,

I feel like I am sending my kid to the gallows! We've talked about the new procedure all night and morning. She is as ready as she can be. Her salve is in her bag. Also, there is a small laminated card that has suggestion for what she can do with her hands. She and her therapists came up with the list. She can carry that or put it on her desk. Or do whatever you think is appropriate. She did not scratch during the night.

Good luck!
I will be close to the phone all day

Hi Suzanne,
Oh my! I know - I am just thinking about today, too. I am going to go over the plan again with Julia before school starts. We have a larger colored copy of the suggestions and we have been reviewing them each day. The laminated copy will be great, too. We can keep that in her pouch that we carry the manipulatives in.
I will keep you posted. Things will be okay. Whatever happens we will be okay here and if we need to change anything at anytime let me know. We are flexible.
Hang in there!

Thanks, Deb. You are the best!

Updated plan for Julia’s Scratching/Picking-until Winter Break:

*Julia will lose a chance in school for scratching/picking, when she picks in the bathroom, or any time that someone notices that she has picked on a scab.

*She will be sent home after 3 chances are taken away.

*Julia has a laminated card with reminders for what she can do to keep her hands occupied. There is also a larger sheet with the reminders on it. Please review this frequently throughout the day. If she asks to do one of the activities, allow her to do it right away.

*If Julia asks for salve, it will be in her backpack. Administer on irritated area with gloves and reapply band-aid.

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