09 December 2011

Julia was at school the entire day today, losing two chances, but holding on to that third. She is spending her entire therapy time in Christmas bliss. She and Ellen walked the dog and went on a Christmas hunt, finding houses lit and decorated.

I found the necessary extension chords to light our lights outside and the candles inside.

And once inside, Julia and Ellen decorated and lit the little trees that I've been collecting for years and which went so well in our Indy house. They have languished in Madison but now that the bookcases have shelves under the windows the little trees have a good home. I have tiny light sets that I've bought at after Christmas sales and lots of little decorations.

I pause to wonder if Julia was ready for this kind of celebration last year. I have no idea. We were hurting and it was enough to live through the days. She did make splendid dino decorations for our little tree, so she might have been able to enjoy it, if we could have. But it is this year and we have now. Now. Today. This year.


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Saw this on etsy and it made me think of you guys! It says: "Rawr means I love you in dinosaur"