30 September 2012

Having a very hard time finding the time to sit down and write.  I like the busy and I life being so tired at the end of the day that I don’t feel like writing but . . . Today, this afternoon, I had planned to write as soon as Julia’s therapist came, but got caught up in chores and cooking.  Still, there is laundry to put away and move from washer to dryer, but I only have another 40 minutes and the rest of the day and evening is busy.  

Trees are glorious.  More color every day.  And the temperature is warm and I can sit on the deck in the shade with a tee shirt and watch the slow fall of golden chips.  I thought the other day about how I had wanted to be married in the fall but how we also wanted to marry at SLC.  The only time we could use the school was when it was out and so August it was.  I don’t mean to say that I had forgotten about that, but it was stored so far back there that it was virtually forgotten.  Some things that have to do with my life with David come forward now yet while we were together, I didn’t give them a thought.

I brought the last of the books and records to Half Price Books today -- St. Vinnie’s really doesn’t take books or vinyl -- and I noticed that the garage is beginning to really clear out.  A few more old pieces of furniture -- everything that belonged to David’s Nana who Cheshire called Great Nana  is gone -- a few boxes for the church garage sale and an old bike and I am done.  The quality of finish took my breath away.  Even though I’ve been working towards it for a year now!  I picked up an apple box to re-box Nana’s china.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot about that.  Not that I had it but that it was Nana’s.  I wanted to get rid of it but Cheshire is not ready to part with it.  It will go to her at either  my next move or her first permanent residence, which ever comes first.  For now, it will go into a sturdy, newer box.  I have some of the movie equipment that didn’t sell that might be donated to the kids museum--they like old machines--and I still have to poke around to see if anyone wants the dozen or so slide carousels.

I’ve been writing on another blog for LEND which I have been keeping off line until I was ready to launch a new personal blog, but I am still fiddling and unsatisfied so I will add it to the Family Internet Sites on the side of the page if anyone wants to take a peak.

This entry has stayed on the drafting screen for more than 24 hours and I am ending it on Sunday.  Last day of September.

Last night, I went to see a new Forward Theater production of 44 Plays for 44 Presidents (http://www.forwardtheater.com/on-stage/44-plays).  Lovely and fun production.  I stopped to say hi to Jen Grey, the director, and she told me that another small theater company east and south of here asked if they could read a few of the new plays that Forward produced, including David’s Kiritis.  Funny to think that someone would want to read it without David having to send it out anywhere.  Of course, perhaps he did.

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