02 September 2012

Upham Woods with FUS.  Woods and cabins and nature activities and camp food and camp fires with marshmallows at night.
 Paddling a canoe.

Crawling through a cave and not bumping her head.

Digging in the shallows for artifacts.  Finding lots of rocks and a few pieces of plastic and finally a nymph.
Archery was a challenge.  And I couldn't get a picture of her firing because I was either helping her or shooting myself.  Julia had three turns, each time shooting three arrows.  She was a bad sport when she shot and could not hit the target.  At one point, she threw the bow and at another she told us all that she hated archery.  Then, on her last turn, two of her arrows hit the target, and then archery was her favorite activity of the weekend.

My girl who never tried anything without a fuss can now be intense about a sport.
A face watching a snake.
So here I am touching a snake.  Well, I never.  But you know, anything when that kid is happy.

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