18 September 2012

Written 16 September 2012

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu

I saw the quote a few days ago and had some idea that it pertained to what was going on, but then never wrote.  I am always so sure that those days when I have wonderful ideas but not time are the days when I would have been eloquent.  

I laugh at myself for such thoughts.

It is after three in the afternoon and the yard sale is virtually over, but it is lovely sitting out under Maria’s pear tree with my glass of cool water and my computer to scribble into.  I’ll put things away soon.  Just not this minute.  

So I got rid of some things -- two of six bookcases.  The best two.  Lots of records and all the bit frames.  Toys and clothes, although there is still a few bags for St Vinnie’s.  All but one of David’s hats.  The sofa table that we took from great nana’s house and used for 35 years.  (I just found someone to make me one -- longer and plainer than great nana’s, and not too expensive at all.)  No one touched the projectors or the camera -- I’ll keep them on craig’s list -- or the posters or the clay pots that I reluctantly decided to part with.  Also the three sets of wine glasses of different sizes that I really didn’t want to pack up again.  

So now to figure out where what is left goes.  FUS has a rummage sale coming up. Glasses and frames.  Records?  Mostly classical are left.  Grandpa’s operas.  A few odd treasures and a few kitchen tools.  Half price books will take the books and tapes and the few CDs that didn’t go.  Toys to IDS as a donation.  I was surprised that the kid easel was not even considered by anyone.  Clothes will be packed up for St. Vinnies.  But the clay pots, the bed frame, the collapsible sand box, and the remaining book shelves are still orphaned.  

I was exhausted by the end of Sunday.  It was the work of the sale but also the work of the week which included an all day legislative hearing and along Friday for LEND.  Little by little, tasks are coming.  I am very conscious that I am beginning to overload myself.

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