18 September 2012

Julia is starting art therapy today.  Lissa, the therapist, has dinosaur pieces out and Julia is building.  She is concentrated but she does have a bit of divided attention.  She responds when Lissa tells her about the time and she in interested in the bits of colored paper that Lissa put on the table between them.  It is hard to get Julia from the playing with the dinosaurs to the next activity, check in.

Lissa asks Julia to pick out a color that expresses how she feels.  Julia plays with the dinosaur that is still on the table and also wants the Mario figure to pick a color.  Finally, she picks blue and says that she feels happy.

Lissa asks, “Are you ready to draw?”  The assignment is to draw what you like so that they can get to know one another.  Julia starts with a rainbow and talks about a safe rainbow place where dinosaurs live.  She decides to keep thieves out.  When they take money from someone, Julia tricks the thieves and also bites them.  She gets the money back and gives it to the person it belongs to.  Her story continues in loops.  She answers Lissa’s questions in a very free form way.  Although the rainbow takes a long time to draw and color, Julia answers questions and keeps the story moving forward.

After the rainbow is finished, Julia puts Lizzy and Lukie on top of the rainbow.  Dinosaur thieves sit below the rainbow and Lukie watches the thieves.  Lizzy says that she will eat the thieves and the thieves run away.

I spent most of the day reading the education report for Lisa at DRW.  On first impression, I am frustrated that I am 30 pages in and there are very few new facts.  Perhaps I didn’t know the exact stats on how many 20-somethings can’t find work or the percentage of college students who graduate in 2 or 4 years, but most of what I’ve read is current newspaper content.  I am taking notes but I am a bit disappointed.

Tonight, I am doing the online “courses” on hospital emergency procedures and HIPAA -- not that anyone is going to let me administer anything but I need it to be in the clinic at Waisman.  But then again, its nice to know something and emergency procedures are never a waste of time.  HIPAA, on the other hand, . . .

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