02 September 2011

First day of school! Yesterday's picture. Yes, she hit a kid during recess for calling her a chicken. Long talks from her teacher and from me last night. (Plan: 1st: Please don't call me that! 2nd: Walk away. 3rd: Talk to a grownup.) Overall, however, it was a good day and she couldn't wait to get on the bus this morning. We fit in strong sitting before we left the house both days although today she had a hard time being still because she wanted to be waiting for the bus.

Also, Julia no longer waits to be the last person on the bus. She waits with the little bunch of kids and says excuse me to fit in line at an appropriate time. Oh, it looks so normal!

Papers came home from school explaining homework and specials (music, art, gym). I am going to try to keep to all of their homework rules and see if Julia can handle it. According to the instructions, she will get homework papers on Monday and return them on Friday. There will be spelling words and a few spelling sheets, math sheets, and some cursive writing sheets. She is really ready to learn cursive so I hope those will be like the rest of the class. She will have modified math and spelling but I hope she can get and do as much as the rest of the class. I hope we can start that way, at least. She will also have a reading log and is expected to read 2 hours a week right now. We've been lax about filling in the reading log last year but I want to do it this year and work towards making Julia responsible for it. She loves reading and I think I can do this.
The evening before school began, we went to the open house and put Julia's supplies into her desk. She was quite pleased that the desk was close to her teacher's desk.
And she really liked that her name was written in cursive. I think she is going to take to cursive writing very well.
And who could resist trying on a cheesy cowboy hat at the airport while we were seeing off Cheshire.


Sharyn said...

Doesn't it seem somewhat logical that Julia might take quickly to cursive, with her familiarity with Chinese calligraphy?

It also seems that socialization techniques are becoming more easily welcomed . . .

Thanks for taking us along --

Suz said...

Yes, yes, Sharyn. She has been doing "fancy" printing this summer, almost as soon as she was comfortable with writing words. And if she takes to cursive, it means that she is learning something with her peers which I think is going to be very exciting for her.

As for the hitting, it is not easy to have a warrior child. She is learning, and she wants to learn, but man, it is hard when other kids call her names!