30 September 2011

Copying blog entries into a Pages file, I find this comment from a dear friend:

"As J[.] makes all of these developmental leaps lately I give pause and think of your Julia. Not one time have I noted a new skill that I have not thought of Julia. Not one time have I given thanks for Jaden's development that I haven't cursed what happened to Julia in China. Not once. It makes me so damn mad! "

I sobbed when I read it. And I am crying again as I write this. I am in awe of the friends, known very well, known only by their comments, or wholly unknown, who read my writing, support me, and send love. For a few of you, I know that you are reading even if you never comment because you are the only people who I know from where you are from. And then there are those of you who comment or call. Thank you. How inadequate those two words! Thank you.

And Traci, thanks for sitting next to me so many mornings. Thanks for your family, your support, your friendship. Who knew that we'd be on this journey when we were sitting the hallway of our hotel in China eating pizza?

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