24 January 2012

I finally found a use for pinterest (and I’ll send an invitation to anyone who has not tried it). I mean, it is fun to scan through thousands of pictures and pick favorites. An incredibly fun time waster -- an I am not in any way a shopper! But what a great tool for gathering ideas and comparing products found all over the web. I am looking for a dining room “chandelier.” I put the quotes around the word because the word still conjures up the crystal dripping lights that my mother loved. I have nothing against crystal fanciness, but this little house just could not support such a fantasy.

The original plan was to put the Delft chandelier from David’s father’s house in our dining room when Dad sold the house. It was a smallish chandelier, very plain and in fall colors, not the traditional Delft blue, that David’s mother carried back from Holland when they travelled on vacation. David always wanted the chandelier one day and although I was not an immediate fan, I planned every dining room that we’ve lived in, growing used to the idea as we went from house to house -- yes, that is how long David’s father had been “threatening” to sell his Jersey house. We were only getting the chandelier once the house was sold. But this summer when the house was sold after Dad died, no one mentioned to the selling agent that there was family that wanted the chandelier and it was sold with the house.

And right now, in my dining room there is a very useful ceiling fan with four ugly spot lights hanging off of it. The identical light is in the kitchen and the living room. Removing the spot lights in the kitchen improved the look of the fan. I need some general light in the living room and so will look for another fixture to attach to the fan, but in the dining room, I want just some other kind of light. Something pretty. And that is where pinterest comes in.

I have been looking all over the web for an interesting and affordable chandelier and as I find ideas (which tend to be either interesting OR affordable), I can “pin” them to one of my boards. (I am not going to try to explain the site, but check out pinterest.com if you want to add a new addiction to your list.) Now, I have a host of lights to look at together.

Usefulness, efficiency, and addicting - - - maybe not so bad.

Ed came by today and put in the last cabinet. The kitchen is finished! I will post pictures in the Home blog.

Yesterday was lovely. Lisa called, as did Marcia and Cheshire. Many friends wished me happy’s on face book. Amy dropped off a little cake from Whole Foods and somehow that little cake is going to last all week. It is a tall little cake. And delicious. Julia is getting to be more and more and more a cake eater. Last week, carrot. This week, chocolate. And Amy dropped off a very cute cook book holder which is actually my first decoration for the kitchen. Finally, Mary and Robert took me to dinner. A sitter put Julia to bed. What a nice birthday. And yet, to have a good time, a good day, I need to lean heavily on my village. A whole village’s worth of people to make up for the attention of a single partner. But then again, thank goodness, for that village. How would I survive without it?

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