10 January 2012

School email today

Hi Deb,

Julia has a few very itchy spots this morning on her right leg and on her right wrist. I've band aided and bandaged both places at her request. I am so pleased that she is taking responsibility for pointing out exactly what itches and what will help her. Of course, this ability comes with experience and also with some healing of some of the sores around those that are very itchy today. I put her ointment in her backpack, but could you make sure it comes home. There is another tin around the house but we've lost it at present. I will buy another tin within the next few days but for now, I only have one working tin.

Do you know if there are any plans to celebrate or noting of Chinese New Year? I would be happy to pull something together if Beth wants to do something. Julia has her special year of the dragon red shirt on today. This coming year is special for Julia because she was born in the year of the dragon. Of course, if there is no time for noting the Lunar New Year, I completely understand. We will do plenty at home and with our local adoption support group. I just thought I would offer.

Hope Julia can make it through the day today! She wants to.

Hi Suzanne,

I forwarded the email to Beth so that she could respond to you about the Chinese New Year. I am not sure of the plans yet. Julia had a really good day! She had no chances taken. Mrs. Foster helped her put some ointment mid-morning. I am not sure if I told you this, but Victoria Storck is gone for a month due to a surgery and recovering. We have a sub who will be here during that time. Julia seemed to work well with her today. Her name is Mrs. Fisher.

She was really engaged in math. I can send a copy on Friday of some of the different things we are doing in math this week. Like you, I think I was also concerned with the picking most of all, so keeping her occupied was more the focus then the math. Now we are trying some new things. Do you have Chutes and Ladders game at home? That can be a fun review of counting.

Today in re
ading, she practiced reading an easier book independently and stopping at the sticky notes to answer wh- questions. She did that much more independently today, she just needed a few cues to look at the sticky note. She did a great job answering the questions.
In writing, we are learning about poetry. Julia had fun reading and listening to poems with Ms. Fisher and another student.


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