29 May 2012

Almost every morning, I ask Julia if she dreamed during the night and when she answers, yes, I ask she what her dream was about.  Sometimes, rarely but sometimes, she asks me in return.  This morning, when I asked what her dream was about she said, "loving."  "Loving someone?"  I asked.  "Loving a friend.  Mommy, I want to have a friend."  This is such an emotional issue for me that my eyes immediately tear up and I tell Julia that she will have a friend one day.  I tell her that it is important to work hard on being a good friend to someone and that she can practice on me.  If we can be good friends to each other, she will learn everything she needs to know about friends.  And that is a blend of mothering and some attachment theory.

Julia lost a tooth yesterday while we were meditating.  Great time to be playing with the lose tooth with a little tongue.  After we finished our meditation, she washed the tooth off because it was "uchky" and put the plastic bag under her pillow.  I am not sure if I've done this before or if it was the uchky factor of a "disgusting, bloody" thing under her pillow.  We reviewed tooth fairy rules -- no checking on the bag until the morning, and the money belongs to her.  Julia went to bed, I went into my room to read.  And, well, of course, I forgot to put the money in!!!  Julia forgot about the tooth fairy when she first woke up and didn't realize that she needed to check under her pillow until she was downstairs eating breakfast.  By that time, I remembered my omission and was ready to tell her that it was too late to go back up.  Dodged that one.  She checked on it as soon as she got home and was happy to find some fairy money.

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Traci said...

I failed M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.Y at the tooth fairy because I could not remember and then, on the last ever attempt, I woke my girl and she figured out what I was doing. That was it for us. They bring us a tooth and we hand them a dollar. It works for us.

We so look forward to seeing you!!