31 May 2012

Out and about for parts of the day and oh, it feels so free even though I am either on crutches or using my scooter.  Everything takes two or three times as long as it usually does, but once again, it is a fine practice of patience.  How much more do I need?  Ah, there is impatience again.
I am energized today.  I visited Julia’s special ed teacher and she gave me a large folder of math and reading activities for Julia’s summer.  I am excited to get the play room ready for vacation, but I will not start that until next week.  Bending, lifting, carrying and moving things around remain my biggest challenges.  Hopefully, by next week, these will become easier.  I’ve made phone calls -- health insurance where the grand snafu continues and another person promises to call back, an art therapist who might work with Julia this summer, a swim instructor at our local community pool who will try to arrange for private lessons (Julia will not do well in their classes for 12), and a week long bike came sponsored by the Downs Syndrome Society and promises to get Julia on two wheels within a week.  I went to the library to replenish my own stack of books on tape and to find books to start Julia’s summer.  Easy chapter books!  Junie B. Jones, Judy Moody, Geronimo Stilton, and an Amber Fairy will hopefully grace Julia’s reading journal.  I shopped, mainly for an iPad that I hope to purchase within the week.  We both are in desperate need of summer clothes, Julia more than I, but I have not tackled that yet.  Ironically, the scooter that I am using to get around operated in the mall better than anywhere else I have been.  I am now think of it as the “shopping scooter.”  On the computer, I am catching up on emails that have been hard to return in recent weeks.  
The heavy lethergy that settled like a weighted cloak has lifted, if only for the moment.  No, I have no faith that it is gone for good, or gone for a good long while, but even for the moment is a relief.  

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