13 June 2012

All singin', all dancin'

Before I write anything, I have to post this video.  Taken with my iPhone, this is my best video job ever.  Ever!  For the spring concert this year, Julia stood with her class and played her recorded.  For the school talent show, Julia sang and danced with her class!  
I was so happy to see her sitting with her class before the song without a teacher or aid.  She started doing the movements with her class and got up and moved to the stage when she was supposed.  I know that two of the girls closest to her were helping her out but trusting peers to help is pretty impressive too.  I know that she had a slow start learning the dance with her class.  Deb, her special ed teacher had some concerns that Julia was unwilling to get up and try dancing.  We were thinking of making a video of a practice and have Julia practice at home -- I think that Julia has a hard time watch and copying movement that she sees as too fast -- but before Deb had a chance to make a video, Julia was dancing.  
These are of Julia’s class waiting to begin.
 Julia has spotted me in the crowd. If all she had done was sit with her class without help, that would have been enough.  Dianu.

Julia is on the far left when the video starts.  When she gets up to go on stage she winds up in the third row and there are only glimpses of her now and then, but each glimpse is precious!  Ok, none of these kids is going to use this video to apply to a high school of the performing arts.  

Big problem.  I can't get the video to load.  I need some expert advice~~

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