20 June 2012

Written 19 June 2012

Second day of bike camp.
Julia was the first kid on a bike this morning.  She ran into the convention center, grabbed her helmut and went right into the “exhibit hall” while I signed another form.  She is still the slowest kid -- or maybe she is tied with one other boy -- of the bunch.  This morning she has two volunteers helping her.  One at the back of the bike making sure that that she doesn’t tip over, and the other jogging backwards in front of the bike encouraging Julia to look up and appropriately forward.  Right now she is on a break -- and they break very seldom and for a very short time -- walking over to the water dispenser, holding one of her volunteer’s hands.  Their optimism is contagious.  Thank goodness!
During camp today, Julia rides on a special tandem bike.  The child rides in the front so that the instructor can see and feel how she is steering and peddling. (dual steering and pedals).  She looks great on that bike and yells  for me to watch she passes by my chair.  
They change the back roller on her bike to force her to do more of the balancing and she has a bit of trouble tipping over; however, she is not acting scared or refusing to get back on the bike.

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