06 June 2012

We picked Muta out on Saturday and returned on Sunday to take him home.  Considering how slowly I am still getting around, this was an excellent plan.  By Sunday morning, Julia was super-excited to bring the cat home.  She had to wait until after morning therapy and a trip to the grocery before we headed to the Humane Society.

Muta, also known as Daniel, was waiting for us.  I did what seemed like a lot of paper work before the Humane Society released him to us.  As I was signing and waiting and paying fees, I couldn't help but think that Muta's file was so much better and more accurate than Julia's had been.  Why can't we be "humane" to humans?

The kitten mewed on the way home but I wouldn't let Julia take him out of the carrying case.

Once at home, Muta proved he could live up to his name.  When Latkah came over to sniff and check him out, Muta hissed and arched his back.  He tired to swipe at the dog.  And so, for the moment, Muta is living on the back porch and Latkah is in the house and not allowed on the back porch.  Lots of love and treats are being distributed and we are hoping that good family relations will commence soon.

Latkah is none too happy about being on the inside looking out, but I am trying to avoid hissing, barking, grand chases, and general bad behavior from the pets.  

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Elaine said...

Yey New Kitty!!! He's a beauty.