18 August 2012

Vacation - China Sisters Reunion

We spent the weekend at Indiana Dunes.  The beach was wonderful - a lake so great that there were little waves and an undertow.  And the kids had a great time.
One of our families brought matching dresses for the little girls and a coordinated dress for Julia and the other bigger girls.  Too cute.

This is all of us, after swimming and dinner.  We clean up rather well.

On Saturday night, right before bed, Julia went up to Tracy and crawled on her lap and gave her a big hug.  Sweet, wonderful and unexpected.
Sunday morning breakfast with the kids all on one end.  I think that Julia cut her pancakes.  Whatever she did, she ate her whole breakfast and then had fun with kids.
Julia and Petra getting ready for that red couch picture.
One of the best treats of this reunion was the pillow pets that Petra's family gave to each of the girls.  They found a dino-pillow pet for Julia.  He was christened Duffy and he has been a fixture on any bed she has slept on.


Traci said...

I love that you blog. Thank you.

China Tour Specialist said...

An inspiring blog you have here. Julia is growing up to be a very sweet girl. Thanks to you! Do share more vacation pictures soon. Perhaps you might want to experience China holidays, so she can get to visit her home country in the future.

Suz said...

Response email to China Tour Specialist:


Someone from your agency left a comment on my blog -- Spicy Dragons and Dinosaurs. While I appreciate the kind words about my daughter and my blog, I was a bit offended by the offer of travel services. It is not an appropriate place to advertise an agency. I would love to go back to China and explore my daughter's homeland; however, she was severely traumatized by the neglect and abuse she experienced for five and a half years in an orphanage. Perhaps when we finally work through all of the trauma, she will be ready to face China again. Your comment reminded me of what we cannot do.

Suzanne Buchko