02 August 2012

Written 1 August 2012

It is 8:17 and I’ve been at email, scheduling speech therapy for October 1, and changing my August dentist appointment.  We’ve had breakfast and are at the pool for a lesson for Julia.  When I stepped outside an hour ago, the air was still very cool and pleasant.  I quickly opened windows to catch some morning cool.  I even brought a light sweater to sit as she swam and worried that Julia would be cold in the water.  By 7:55, the cool is gone.  
It is Wednesday and we leave on Friday.  I have a list of to-dos before I am ready to leave but I am working through it.  Strangely, I find myself instinctively yearning for the overwhelm that I usually put myself in before any unusual event.  And I can’t muster it.  I’ve planned, scaled back my ambitions for the week, cut off the fallow year work for the most part, not even expecting myself to spend time in the garden.  I had some correspondence and forms to do and some prep work for Ed’s work while we are gone.  I even met with Chrissy who will be taking care of the cat and dog while we are 
Julia is giving MaryBeth a hard time.  I guess MaryBeth is not going to see the result of our practice during the past week.  Too bad.  I thought Julia had progressed some in her strokes in our practices this week and I wanted her to show off.  To the extent that I can take any ego gratification in what Julia does, she does not preform on cue.  Ever.  
Ed, my handiman and contractor, and a crew are next door repairing my neighbor’s chimney.  They have been at it since late last week and in the morning when Julia finished cleaning the cat box and puts the plastic bag of poop in the trash, she says hello to the “guys”.  She greets them very appropriately and spontaneously although her followup does not always make sense.  But the guys are usually busy and up high on a scaffold and Julia’s chatterings are only half heard.  They are cheerful and always respond to her.  And again, I am grateful.
Someone has posted on FaceBook, “There is always something to be grateful for.” When I saw that, I immediately took exception to that in my head, muttering and moaning but most days, most times, that is true.  
I am cooking a bit for Chautauqua so that we will have a few meals set and easy.  I ponder whether to bake another of the short cakes that I made for last Sunday’s Circle Supper (church planned get together).  It was so good and Julia loved it -- eating the last piece after supper last night and savoring every bite.  But if I make it, surely Lisa and I will eat it as well.  I debate the wisdom of providing dessert.  There is a great ice cream place on campus and we will undoubtedly have cones once or twice.  
More later.

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