07 April 2008

New Morning

I am home afte 4.5 days in Connecticut with Cheshire and a quick Jersey visit with the family.

So good to be home -- Julia must have grown inches in the last five day! She was happy to see me and she was very happy to get a new LPS toy that I brought her from Connecticut. (LPS -- Littlest Pet Shop) I know the steep slippery slope we are sliding down. Yes, Elaine, I am dreading that collecting gene, but the learning potential is great. I will suffer through little pieces of important plastic all over the house. And Julia was so grateful for the new toy. Never heard so many thank yous.

It is so great spending time with my Cheshire. She will be 24 in another two weeks and what a wonderful person she is. We just hung out together, going to meals, going to her practices and Saturday's ragata (rowing), taking apart her thesis for a final edit, and picking pictures to go with her writing. I really hope that we get to living close to her one day. Julia with pretty good at home. She had one meltdown today when she refused to leave the theater where they saw a ballet of Peter and the Wolf. She hasn't had one of these is a long time, and I had been gone since Wednesday. Can't blame her too much.

Back to the regular schedule today. I think that Julia was happy to have me doing her hair this morning. Not that David isn't good at it -- okay, he is not really good at girly hair, but he did say last night that Julia has really great hair. She does.

Julia's aide, Amy, at school told me that Julia was concerned last week about who walked the dog in the morning. I am sure David covered it. This morning when I left her off at school, she reminded me to walk the dog as soon as I got back home.

Another thing she told her teacher last week was the Daddy had not given her a bath. I don't give her a bath every night, and many days we go swimming and she gets showers at the Y. I am not sure why Daddy is supposed to give her a bath every night. LOL.

Anyway, off to get my hair cut, my teeth cleaned, and then interviewed. The first two just happened to fall today before the interview but it couldn't hurt!


Anonymous said...

Mom - I'm only turning 23!! Don't age me!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Hi traci! i hope you are your sweet girl are doing well!

p.p.s. mom - could you put the pictures you took up so i can have them? thanks!

sb said...

Hey My Anonymous Darling,

I will post the pictures tonight. Julia and I are going to the big city to see Susical today!

love you,

Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Birthday when the time comes, Cheshire.