22 April 2008

Seder and the African Children's Choir

I am starting this at a CLE during the break. I am sure I will not get much done before needing to take notes again. The training yesterday and today is for Guardian Ad Litems -- lawyers (at least in Wisconsin) who are appointed by the court to represent a child's best interest in divorce, custody, or paternity cases. It is a high burn out job, so there is work. It would make me pretty independent of the regular 9 to 5, but also required lots work with people, demanding and long. I think I'd really like it but right now I feel overwhelmed with information and requirements. I am thinking I may need to find a mentor to get me through a few cases before I go out on my own.

Another option.

We have had some experts talking about trauma in children today. That I understood and knew. Nothing is ever wasted.

We went to a Seder on Saturday evening, first night of Passover. The connection is pretty tenuous and amazing -- David's father's childhood friend's son and family. He is a law school prof and his wife is a librarian. They have a daughter who is a radical feminist rabi. She led the reading along with her new husband who sings. He has a beautiful voice and it was a delight to hear him. A sister and brother-in-law and family were also there. There was a lot more discussion of religious issues and current events all related back to the part of the Seder that we were reading. We've never done this and I like the idea. Also, Julia absolutely bonded with their 20 year old daughter who played make believe with her for a long time. Julia has been talking about Molly at school. Very Sweet.

I was so glad we had somewhere to go for Passover. We didn't feel that we knew enough people to do it this year and the house still feels so unready for good entertaining. But not doing the cooking, preparing, and celebrating makes me sad. Well, next year.

I was so blue on Friday after I found out that I did not get the UW job! But after doing the Milwaukee interview, seeing a bit of the city, driving home listening to Amy Tan, eating great mideastern food, seeing Streetcar with Mary, and then having a beer and tearing apart the production, I had to feel good. Just needed to mope for a little while. Two and three days in Milwaukee might be great.

Julia earned another "pet" this weekend and we found the little bat that she wanted at Target. Her next goal, self-set, is a big "town." I wasn't going to encourage her to work towards a bigger reward until the summer but David picked up the que and decided to work on the alphabet. Hence, Julia must be able to identify all the letters (just capitals) before she can have the "town." We shall see how long it takes her to learn all those letters. She is pretty hot to have this reward.

Yesterday, Julia and her class went to see the African Children's Choir performance. (Oh, we are in the best school district!) Julia's aide, Amy, reported to me this morning about Julia's behavior which was pretty good. She sat with the kids for most of the concert and really enjoyed the music. (No surprise at all!) Towards the end of the concert, there was a short video presentation about Africa and where these kids came from. Amy told me that it was very short but pretty dire poverty being shown -- kids begging with bowls, kids without clothes, kids with flies on their faces. Julia jumped over the bench she was sitting on and into Amy's arms. She told Amy that "I not go back there," and "I stay with Mommy and Daddy." Amy also told me that Julia was very upset because I was dressed to yesterday and didn't know where I was going. Amy really didn't know that I was going to a class and so she helped Julia make up a story about me visiting Molly, who we met this past weekend, and going to lunch with her. And we wonder at times what is going on inside that little head. I often wonder if she will ever be able to tell us anything about China by the time she is ready to tell us, but she keeps it all close, I am sure. Oh, I hope there will come the day when she shares with us.

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