18 April 2008

Julia things

A few Julia things --

Julia is coloring within the lines! No small feat indeed. Our family work last night was coloring a picture of the butterfly. Each of us told another of us to color a specific space a specific color. Julia was a bit challenged at first, but got with the program and enjoyed the process of telling Daddy what to do (ha!). She was very proud of the result which hangs on the refrigerator right now.

We are still into stickers -- 10 for a littlest pet -- this time she has missed out on a few stickers by not having a good day (behavior wise) and by not being neat when she does her letter sheet. Sometimes I am not sure that she really gets that the stickers are directly connected with her behavior, but sooner or later she will.

Julia is asking spontaneous questions using "where", "what", and "when." She is also taking corrections to the wrong use of pronouns.

On other fronts -- the dream job just fell through. Very nice email note from the interviewer but nice note or not, I didn't get the job. Bummed a bit, but . . .


tumbleintodreams said...

Julia continues to make great leaps!!! And it seems like that is how she learns.... a period of stillness and then a burst of new activity! Thank you for sharing all the Julia news!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the job, Suzanne. Sending good vibes that a better opportunity will come your way.

Thanks for the Julia update. What a great idea to tell each other what to do!