09 April 2008

Weekend pictures

A few pictures from this weekend's travels. I think, I think Cheshire is coxing the two boats in the pictures. In the 4-boat, Cheshire lies down in the front of the boat, but I recognize her from the series of hats on her head. Yes, it was chilly that day and chillier still on the water.

This is an 8-boat that Cheshire also coxed on Saturday. This was the team's first time in this boat for the year so the teamwork was not perfect. At least, according to Cheshire. They looked pretty good and came in second. I am sure by the time they get to the final races in another month, the boat is going to look even better, especially if Cheshire keeps coxing this group. (Note the very biased mother review.)

And here she is, between races. My girl! Other parents in the background provided lots of amusement during the races. Conversations like, "Is that our boat?" "No, what about that one?" "Maybe we are not in this race." And lots of cheering which cannot be heard in the boat apart from a dim roar was engaged in. I am just not the cheering, yelling type, but I appreciately, rather silently, a good race.


Anonymous said...

I had to look up coxing. Very interesting. I know nothing of this sport but find it very cool. I read this site for my education.


Have a great day!


sb said...

Hi Traci,

We knew nothing about it either until Cheshire decided to row senior year in high school. Going to races is really great. Tough to do that in CT but we ususally try to make at least one in the spring. Hope you and your family are doing well and spring has invaded your part of the world!