23 April 2008

A walk in the gardens

On Sunday, Julia and I went to Olbrich Gardens and took in the buds and blooms. More buds than blooms that day.

And what is a walk in the garden without a ride on the great stone elphant.

Notice the outfit -- picked out by Julia herself. The day started with tights that managed to clash with both the shirt and the skirt, but she had a great time deciding what to wear and I love that.

And here amidst some blooms. This girl was not a willing model that day . . . .

but doesn't she look cute scrunched down like a little sprite?

And after a long and hot walk in the garden, we were fortunate to retire to Michael's Frozen Custard, a Madison tradition that we are trying to uphold. Notice Julia trying hard to do justice to the cone. Ummmm, chocolate!

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