19 November 2011

Morning in Maryland. We arrived late last night. Julia did a good job traveling but complained loudly that her backpack was too heavy. Usually, her backpack is reserved for the toys, books, etc., that she wants to bring with her on a trip, but winter clothes take up so much room that even limiting what we took did not keep me in one carry on bag and my backpack. So, Julia carried her shoes, some shirts, and a sweatshirt. But not for that long and the bag was not unbearably heavy. And she did not have to carry it that far. Good for those travel muscles. She was exhausted when we finally got to Lisa’s car and she napped as we road to the house. Still, she woke up to eat a little something before she went to sleep.

This morning I’ve realized that although I remembered all the clothes, toys, drugs, etc., that we need, I did not bring any school related work. And trying to find a math game on line quickly is frustrating.

Tonight. A guitar concert. Acoustic. Peter Griggs who plays classical guitar and gives some what of a history of the instrument between tunes. He sang the song from the 50’s movie Black Orpheus. I’ve always heard the song in Portuguese. A sweet love song. Sad considering the movie. Griggs with a non-singer’s wispy voice. Breathy. A guitar player’s parlor voice without projection or ego.

Julia had a coloring book and some markers. And was able to sit through the entire concert.

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