12 November 2011

We were on the go yesterday. Morning conferences.

Good news from the teachers. Julia’s reading is progressing. She is decoding better all the time. She has exceeded her IEP reading goal. She is still reading at a level 18 (just one of a number of leveled reading books). She was there last May. I find it hard to believe that she has not progressed. There is still a lot of work to do on comprehension so if they are keeping her at that level to read deeply, it is a good thing. I will ask more about it. She remains in mid-second grade in reading.

In math, they hope to finish all of the first grade work this year. She is doing a lot of counting and some simple operations still with manipulatives. She is willing and happy to do the counting work and the problems. This is all great news. Julia is learning.

Julia’s writing is somewhere in first grade, but it is very far from the strings of letters without meaning that she was doing last year at this time. She writes real words -- sometimes spelled correctly. She makes spaces between the words. She has also gotten perfect scores on every one of her spelling tests. (David would be especially proud of that. He was an excellent speller unlike Cheshire and I.) Interestingly, she does her spelling work diligently but it is not hard for her at all

She has done the map work in social studies with her class and her drawing of the map of Wisconsin from memory is really very good and included a big north-south river and a star for Madison. She has also really enjoyed the land forms work -- mountains, valleys, etc.

Julia has been working on an Iguana report which is now finished and in book form. There are multiple sentences on each of 6 pages, and each page has an excellent picture.

I had a day of indulgence -- a massage, acupuncture, and a work out at the Y. I did no work of consequence.

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