24 November 2011

Thanksgiving 2011. Starting the day with place card making. Julia and I made thanksgiving dinosaur cards to mark our place at the table. Hers were much more interesting than mine, but she fixed a few of mine as well as doing her own.
During the cooking, we skyped with out missing girl who is out on the left coast learning to make movies.
Our table for 12, waiting for the food and the people.
Lisa commenting about the state of the dinner and the world.
My bright eyed girl. So much fun to visit and cook and eat together.
Julia ready to announce dinner.
Final preparation underway.
Taking the heat and staying in the kitchen.
So, no pictures of the dinner itself. I must have been too busy eating. We have a tradition of a group picture. On a lovely day, after dinner, waiting for dessert, the camera on a tripod, and here is our picture.
A rousing game of Apples-t0-Apples.
The kitchen table to be cleaned up.
And Julia once again coloring. This time dinosaurs and birds while we settle down to watch Monsoon Wedding.

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