28 March 2012

At the maple sugaring festival last weekend, Julia tried all sorts new, old experiences. This may be the only time she washes clothes by hand. Maybe a few delicates but certainly not with a washboard.
Then she hung up the cloth to dry. Very carefully.
Then, we visited a very small wooden cabin where Julia enjoyed writing on a slate.
And of course, there was the carrying of water. These pails were only filled up a very little bit, but they were pretty heavy.
Julia got in the swing of a sack race.
She had wanted to complete the course.
But fate intervened, but Julia took it very well, laughing.
Julia practiced using a hand drill. This is the way to make a hole big enough to put a sugaring spot into a tree.
Julia built this "log" cabin. She was incredibly persistent.
Julia by the water. Looking very wistful, but not really.

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Traci said...

I love these photos! We just can't wait to see you. I haven't read in awhile and it is so good to be caught up now. Love you.