11 March 2012

Sunday activities

We went to A&Z Farm in Oregon, WI, about 15 minutes from our house yesterday for their lambing weekend. I am not a farm animal aficionado but baby lambs are so very cute. Most of the families visiting had younger children but Julia loved it as much as the youngest kids. She pet lambs, she watched as they tried standing up and teetered over to their mothers. She recognized that when a mother couldn't find her lamb she would bleat and bleat until the lamb was once again close to her. There was also a spinning room set up and a few women were making yarn. This was great to be able to show Julia. We watched Sleeping Beauty last week and it was really hard to explain what a spinning wheel was. Yes, she asked! I guess I could have looked on youtube and found a video but my mind doesn't quite run that way yet. She asked lots of questions and two of the women were very kind to her and answered all of them, including the question if dinosaurs liked to wear sweaters.
This was my favorite lamb. Ah, a black sheet. What a cutie.
The triplets were less than 12 hours old. We watched them sleep and then their mother wake them up to nurse. Sheep, at least that one, are good mothers.
This little guy was born a few hours before we arrived.
Next, we headed out to Olbrich Gardens for their little garden show. Not incredible, but pretty and Julia was into posing for me. Will wonders ever cease?
My girl as a model.
Julia matching in the garden. Oh, we can't wait until the flowers are growing outside.
When we got home, Julia ran outside to look for rolly-polly bugs for her new bug box. It was hard to get her in for supper. For Julia, that is wonderful!

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