25 March 2012

Wanting to escape. Into another time, another place, another circumstance. Still, it is spring. Gardening. Walking. Capris and flip-flops. Open windows to sleep by.

Last week was pretty awful. Estate work exploded in all the wrong ways. I was on the phone for 10 hours in two days. More than the time was the energy I needed to expend. Energy that I resented terribly. Succor from dear ones was my only consolation, and a day spent walking a small, quiet town, examining antiques and junk and talking. For such care, I am so grateful.

I’ve found even again. At least for the moment. Dyanu.

The weekend has been good. A very busy Saturday with our school’s International Dinner on Saturday. This is an event that I really enjoy working for. So much so that I am willing to beg donations at a few area restaurants, something that I am just awful at doing. But to be a part of getting about 300 people together for a huge ethnic pot luck is something fantastic. We had three dance groups perform, including an African drum and dance group. They ended our night on an incredibly high and energetic note. I swear that I drank in their energy and it filled me up.

Today, Julia’s morning therapy was was cancelled so we went outside and did some garden cleaning. I was happy raking and cutting and looking over what needed dividing and replanting, and Julia was very happy to look for bugs and pull a few weeds. We went to a Maple Sugaring Festival with Mary and Robert and then home for a very quiet evening.

After Julia went to bed, I filled out the form for an exchange student and finally, wrote to David’s heart donor family. And so, now to bed. Who knows the adventures ahead of me tomorrow.

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