18 March 2012

I posted these pictures two days ago now and have written nothing! I tell you that willingness to share a life with words demands a lot of energy and every so often more energy than I can give out. Over the past few days, I've gone through, organized, and filed all of my writing. This task really dragged me through so many times in my life. I did not read much of any of the many, many journals that I've written, but I did read some of the other writing -- poems from high school, letters never written to be sent, plays and screen plays, and stories, stories, stories. Some of the stories are based on the most emotional times in my life. They may not be published or praised by anyone in the world but they can pull me into the time and put tears in my eyes. I am not a bad writer, at least for myself.

So, that's where I've been.

Now the pictures. I love this one for all the color! This was taken at the new IDS clinic where Julia goes twice a week for therapy which includes social skills work/play with other kids on the spectrum. Look at her looking at me!
This past weekend, Julia was so, so excited with all the flowers coming out. Our early spring is so appreciated! I know that it may be bad for farmers and who knows how many bugs we will have later in the summer, but for now, and since there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, it is wonderful!

Julia remembered that it was St. Patrick's Day on Saturday. Lots of talk about it in class, and a leprechaun pin and green beads, brought it to her attention. What I still marvel at is that she is bringing home what is talked about in school. Not everything, but now and again some things. She wore her best green jacket and a spring skirt. She received lots of compliments all day from people who saw her, and she loves that. I don't know if she made the connection of wearing the color of the day and getting noticed, but she will.
Look at her looking at me! More often then ever, when I saw look and smile, she does it.
Last pictures with this year's long hair. Julia is showering almost completely on her own. I want to up the self-care and add in washing her hair. There is no way she could do it alone right now with long hair, but shorter . . . .
I love this face so much!
First pictures after the hair cut. She loved being pampered, washed and cut. She asked not to have her hair blown dried. She hates the sound. She was so pleased that we listened and finished her hair without a blow drier.

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