05 March 2012

Julia and I did very little on Sunday, at last very little that was planned and purposeful. I think we needed that kind of day. It has been snowing this weekend, lightly, very prettily, but slightly annoying at the same time. Ok, so I am a curmudgeon about the late dose of winter, but heck, it is March and I want snow drops and crocus and I have to keep shoveling or at least, pushing the bits of snow around. Yes, white is prettier than the browns that we’ve seen all winter, but SPRING!!!

Anyway, weather kept us pretty much inside most of the weekend.

On Saturday, Julia had morning therapy and then we headed to the International Festival. We only had a few hours and could only catch two performances, but the two we caught were very good. First up was a local Bolivian dance group. Who knew? They were a small group of young women. They wore the glittering, over decorated costumes that I saw when I visited Cheshire for the Festival of Urkupina. The skirts are short, the heals are high, and the dancing leaves very little left to the imagination. Julia loved the costumes; I enjoyed the music. I do want to go back to Bolivia. We followed Bolivian dancers with Chinese Dancers. Julia recognized two of the dances that we saw at the New Year’s party. Remembering is playing a bigger part of her life these days. After the performances, we had some Costa Rican rice and beans for lunch. Not bad for a Madison winter day.

Sunday, we had no therapy and no schedule. We slept late, had bacon and eggs for breakfast, put on sweats, walked the dog, shoveled the snow, bought groceries, and then went home for the rest of the day. I gave Julia a huge amount of time to color. She never seems to have enough time to color. She went through pages in coloring books and then did word searches and easy cross word puzzles. I went through boxes of computer storage disks and, thanks to Mary’s good counsel, threw away what I can no longer access. I have been fretting about the boxes of computer disks that I had no idea of what to do with. When I looked at what was on those disks, much of it was back up disks or law school notes or drafts of stories, plays and novels. I had 6 inch floppies, 3 inch floppies, and the hard cased “floppies.” I am sure that I’ve lost something. I will never know what. But if I had saved them all, I would probably never know.

I keep in my mind that when the storage room filled with things that I use or want to save. The sureness of each item that is in that room. I want everything that I keep to be intentional and of use and value.

Julia had a hard time getting to sleep tonight. I wanted her to try to go to sleep without gloves on and that was a mistake. The gloves will phase themselves out. I need to let the process go at its own pace.

Oh, isn’t that what I need to do about most things.

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