17 April 2011

17 April 2011

Sunday -- (I am writing a day behind.)

Saturday was lovely -- a bit overcast or not intensely sunny which made for pretty pleasant walking around. We did Epcot, hitting most of the big rides, -- no space adventure (?) for us and none of the country movies -- met some classic character which again impressed Julia, and finished the evening at the Mexican restaurant from which we watched the fireworks show. Julia showed a bit of strain after hours in the world of the future but that place was crowded. I had read that Epcot is terrifically spread out (and that was my memory of it as well) and there were obstacles, like breeze-blown water from fountains. It was also just not as much fun for Julia as Magic Kingdom. Still, she was quite a trouper. We went back to the room in the late mid-afternoon, Cheshire and I to nap a bit, Julia to color or play on her leapster, and that reset Julia’s tolerance for more.

Yesterday, Julia broke out in a very itchy skin rash from the sun screen that Cheshire applied on Friday. Julia had the same problem a few years ago and I changed sun screen. I thought I had brought the right one on this trip. We have not been in intense sun for hours yet, but today was planned as our “quiet” pool day and I had hoped to hit the beach for a short time on Tuesday or Wednesday when we visit grandpa.

The rash did not show up until 24 hours after it was applied -- as we were ready to go out the door yesterday morning. Thankfully, applying sunscreen was the last thing before leaving that we intended to do and just were ready to do it. Julia complained of itching and the rash seemed to bloom before our eyes. I stripped her immediately and put her in a bath and fed her benedryl. This helped but wore off at our late dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Poor kid, itched, scratched, and tried to refrain from scratching during the whole meal. The very sweet waiter brought us ice wrapped in a napkin and we applied it to various parts of Julia’s body that bothered her the most. She seemed much better when the meal came -- she ate all of our rice and some of my very delicious pork mole. She also tried and liked guacamole for the first time! She had tried it before at home and never like it -- I thought it was mostly texture as she doesn’t really enjoy thick pasty food. Oh, what an awful description for some of my favorite foods. Last night, she ate some that I fed her and then dug in herself. So nice if we have a new food that I enjoy.

We continue to battle the rash which erupts every few hours on different parts of Julia's body. I found more benedryl, and Julia has either in the pool or bathing a few times today. Poor kid looks swollen and is trying her best not to scratch.

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