17 April 2011

This fountain is in Orland airport, but Julia was so excited to be "in disney" that she wanted to take a picture right away! I loved it. Also, notice how her pig tails are high on the side of her head. It was as if she was growing mickey ears. Weird.
Waiting patiently for mom to be ready for our pre-conference meeting. Yes, she was the only child at the meeting and she was just great coloring and drawing and making dinosaur small talk.
Snapped by Cheshire on the bus going to the Magic Kingdom. Do you think she was excited??
First sighting of Cinderella's castle. Ah, the magic.

This the the beginning of true love. Julia is still saying that Pinnochio kissed her and that she loves hime.
The true loves gives Julia a flower. What a smother operator! Besides if he was lying, that nose would grow. Right?
The wild duck!
Julia explains her drawings to Belle and Belle was really interested. So, the back story here is that I did not buy a autograph book for Julia and I was right to guess that it would not really be such a big deal for her. However, she did want to have characters sign her book when she met them. She was actually delighted to do it in her newest sketchpad.
The princess thing was beginning to wear thin by this picture but it was such a nice on on Cheshire.
Ears, ears, sequined mouse ears. Do all little girls look splendid in mouse ears?
After the evening's performance of La Nouba. Some cool hats, huh?

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