10 April 2011

Outside sitting on the porch, Julia coloring with a therapist, getting ready to have a bike riding lesson using the bike we bought from a neighbor today. People all over working on lawns and gardens. Julia and I went walking in our botanical garden since I didn't feel like being dirty today. The cat is trying to get outside at every opportunity -- he still has no collar and tag. I pulled out capris for me and a summer skort for Julia -- not just to pack but to wear today.

It is spring -- no tip-toeing in for us. Deep water plunge, but with an ominous weather prediction of thunder storms, rain, and maybe tornadoes later today. Spring bulbs growing at an alarming rate -- turn around and you may trip over an emerging tulip. I fear we will miss much of our spring plants in our week away.

Robert and Mary swooped down and took me out for a few hours during Julia's therapy. We went to Stoughton -- about 15 minutes away -- a small town with charm, antique stores, and just something different. I appreciated the change and the talk and the lack of immediate focus of what is next. I am not sure whether it is the weather or the week ahead or the time of year or my internal clock's awareness of last year, but I am anxious. Anxiety grows by the minute. I could jump out of my own skin. Uck!

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