05 April 2011

And the dig begins!

Last week, the oil tank re-mediators got started getting the oil soaked soil dug up and carted away from my mother's house in New Jersey. The neighbors who are also being dug up have managed to put off the work for more than a year while the estate has been paying taxes (no small amount in Jersey) and other bills to keep the house up. It has been incredibly frustrating. Our re-mediators, ECC, have slowly pushed ahead until finally the digging has begun.

It ill be weeks before it is finished and the landscaping restored and the driveway and walk relaid but if I can just get a bit of luck, the house will be on the market in June. Maybe mid-May. We need to sell very soon to avoid another year's worth of homeowner's insurance. I've asked out RE agent, yet another incredible person who has stuck by us through the thick of everything, will be burying a St. Joseph's statue as soon as the work is done.

Oh, please! Please, sell. I want to close that estate.

I might add that my parent's would hate the scope of this work. They kept a very clean and neat home, but unfortunately, when they switched from oil to gas they did not dig up the old tank in the driveway. Not to focus any blame on them -- no one told them to. It was an option at the time, but plenty of people just left the tank without a thought. Not much of a lesson to be drawn here. Just a bit of bad luck.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Is all I can say. Our parents are turning over in there graves as we speak. That mess is just unreal. I can hear Mommy already saying how horrible this is. I can hear her voice going on and on.

Any statue you want to bury is fine by me. Let's just sell this house and get rid of it all. Any stroke of luck coming our way is appreciated and we well deserve it.

Oh, Suzanne, the work you have done. It is so appreciated. I know no one says it often enough but believe me it is appreciated. I will be in Jersey the end of the month anything I can do?

Glade to hear your cat is home.