27 April 2011

Julia did not have therapy after school today -- a change in our schedule. We have not had a school day without therapy in months. It was lovely.

Julia and I made a schedule, Julia writing it herself with some help in spelling. They have worked on very endings in school and she really has the -ed and -ing down so well. We had working on a puzzle, reading, coloring, playing UNO, and playing with the wii. We did it all! And Julia had a great time doing it -- great spirit and enthusiasm.

We are finally playing UNO with all the cards! I have to check out all the rules. We have taken the cards on trips for airplane games, and the therapists have been doing modified games as well. It is a long time in coming, but wow, do I feel the glow of success on this one.

It is numbers, turns, winning, shuffling cards, and so much more.

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