27 April 2011

Some last Disney pictures

Ready to leave with her pirate hat and Lizzy's box. My little traveler.
Julia loved the Dumbo ride, and went on three other rides that were basically the same thing. And she and hundreds of other kids loved them all!
Julia loved Cinderella's castle even though there was not much in it for her to see.

Waiting and busing and waiting some more. Julia worked on her Leapster. What thrilled me was that she was doing the first grade program sometimes not just "Pet Pals."
More drums. It seems that there is a drum station in every park, and Julia tried them all.
A friendly dinosaur to pose with.
This was the automatic picture that was taken on the dinosaur ride. Julia was the one who was really frightened, but somehow I look a whole lot more scared than she does.

"Riding" to dino-land with some friends.

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