19 April 2011

The making of Lizzy the T-Rex

We went to the T-Rex Cafe and I was planning to take Julia to the Build a Dinosaur store there. This picture with Cheshire and the dino was one of the few pictures that Julia wanted to take.
We found the flatten body of our new friend. Julia picked out the heart and also the sound box which says "I love you." Then, she helped the dino maker blow in the stuffing and Julia watched carefully as the dino maker laced up the dino real tight to keep all the stuffing inside.
Julia was pretty happy with the result.
Julia washed her new dinosaur under the dino "shower."
And found a lovely pink dress and matching shoes. We registered our dino, gave her a name, and they packed our new Lizzy the T-Rex up for take home.
There was one more dino to pet before we left the store.
Julia and Lizzy.
Lizzy came out with us that evening, as we walked around the boardwalk, stopped to roast some marshmallows, and have dinner in a cool cafe.
Lizzy also enjoyed the street performer. She was very enthusiastic about cheering the juggler on!

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