30 May 2011

Brat Fest!!

Summer has engulfed us -- so hot today! We had the heat on in the house on Saturday for a few minutes because it was very cool and very damp, and right now, I have all the ceiling fans going and windows open.

Julia and I went to Brat Fest -- a big deal in Madison with more brats/brat cookers and sellers than is good for one small town. Apart from the food, which includes the regular fair food as well as brats, dogs, and vegie brats (which were really quite good), there were rides and games of skill and chance and very loud music.

Julia donned a hat to keep the noise at bay and when we were at the ride part of the fest, she asked for ear plugs under the hat. So, in hat, ear plugs, and sun glasses, Julia conquered the fest! The first thing we saw was a mural for kids to color. Julia went right to work -- coloring a single figure in the mural and earning compliments from those manning the magic markers.
Is this a vision of the future? How I would not be surprised!
And then the rides began! First up was the carousel. She had to mount the tallest horse on the circle.
Mary and Robert brought us to the fest and then one or the other went on the rides with Julia that I just could not do -- And Julia loved doing rides with someone.
Mary and Julia on the tea cup ride -- really, Julia loved it, but she also loved hugging Mary!
Again, Mary and Julia. This time on the perilous Chinese dragon roller coaster. So this one I could have gone on if I had been alone.
Julia on the revolving turtles -- a young ride but she loved them all and she still fits so why not?
Spinning balloon baskets.
And a purple plane.
Last but certainly not least, Julia and Robert rode the bumper cars.
Good to have a real bumper car lover to teach the fine points of the bump!
No pictures of the food or the Ferris wheel or the music and the hot, hot walking, but it was sure fun! Thank you, Mary! Thank you, Robert!

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