12 May 2011

The work of the week -- getting the memorial thank you cards readied and out -- is proceeding. I told two friends about this work -- one, who had lost her husband at an ungodly young age, told me that she never sent thank yous. This simple statement did an amazing amount to take all pressure off me. If this caring, wonderful person could not get it together to make/send those cards, then (1) it's not just me who turns to emotional jelly each time the work comes onto a front burner, and (2) it's not really necessary and no one will strike me off their list of friends for such an omission.

And then my other friend, said that, after I explained my long process of starts and stops and emotional outbursts and what my first friend said, this other friend said something about restoring some sort of balance. And I liked that. Not that I feel that the entire universe is out of whack until I thank my good friends for their kindness to my family during the last year, but that there are great circle of kindness and gratitude, like giant Tibetan prayer wheels that are kept moving by each of us taking a turn to push it along.

And so, I do, am doing, pushing the prayer wheel -- the card is finally sent to print, I gather addresses, and print labels. Next, is getting stamps -- so many cards I will want to write something on, but so many can be just sent as well.

I will close another chapter when I finish this task. Bitter sweet again, for sure. I look forward to and dread the last envelop in the mail box. But I will do it all the same. Do it and know I must move on.

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