29 May 2011

Finally! Down to organizing papers and writing. A long road to be sure, probably most of the summer, but I know how I am going to organize our stuff -- by year, and all together as a family, except for manuscripts which will be catalogued together. This is probably making a mountain out of a mole hole -- as my mother would say of any of my projects. I have no excuse but the need to simplify, organize, and stack. I need to sum up. Only when I am finished with this work will I be able to move ahead and to see what I will take on next.

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Sharyn said...

Suz, for whatever it's worth --

I organized my papers by year, too, at the start of my new life. The problem is, after 10 years, I go to look for something and can't remember what year it happened -- the years all smoosh together. I have found that it is better for me to organize by subject.